Do's and Don'ts

New to Graticat? 

Our intention is to make sure that as a seller on Graticat, you have a seamless experience.

Here are some commonly asked questions and the do's and don'ts for posting an ad.

  • Post and manage an ad

    So the basics: We are not a fan of Spam: Spend time to post one good ad, using one single account.

  • Do I need to register?
    Yes, you do, if you want to post an item for sale then you need to be registered to do so. If the intention is to search for items and contact the seller then you may do so without registering.

  • How do I edit/delete my ads?
    Easy, login, proceed to my accounts, click on my listing on the left-hand side and proceed to choose the appropriate action.

  • How can I change my mobile number?
    Easy, login, proceed to my accounts, click on my profile and make the edits needed.

  • How can I show or hide my phone number/email address?
    In your listing, you edit you can select to show or hide your personnel information. 

  • Make sure your items are not Miscategorised.
    E.g. DON’T put a property ad in the car or classifieds section or vice versa.

  • Make sure you're not doing anything to risk getting your account banned or your listings being refused;
    You are allowed to post an ad and update them as many times as you want, however, try not to post the same ad several times.
    [ ;)We know you want it sold quick so we suggest you take a featured or a premium option ]

  • Having multiple listings in a single ad
    Single item single ad, let's not confuse the buyer, if you would like to show multiple items, do several ads and it will increase your chances of selling it rather than having it in one confusing ad.
    If you are a business and would like to add multiple items then we suggest you contact us. 

    If you do not want to miss out on a potential buyer then please make sure the contact details and location provided are correct.
    (If needed you may choose not to provide the location details)

  • How do I edit/delete my ads?
    Easy, login, proceed to my accounts, click on my listing on the left-hand side and proceed to choose the appropriate action.

  • Sold means sold; Hence avoid mentioning it in your title or description -> Just edit your ad by clicking on Sold. 


  • Content management
    DO’s and Dont’s

    -Titles and description
    The default language is English, other languages will be enabled in the near future, but you are allowed to add the secondary language in your description.
    1)Shoe cabinet very easy to assemble and light.
    2)Shoe cabinet very easy to assemble and light |  / خزانة أحذية سهلة التركيب والضوء /
    Not allowed: خزانة أحذية سهلة التركيب والضوء 

  • The item being sold should be in your possession
  • No external link allowed in the description outside of 
  • Do not put your phone number or email address on the title, description, or image.
  • Illegal items/services; We have very strict policies when it comes to posting illegal items/services, so we suggest that you please do not post anything that can get you banned from the site.
    Some items include but are not limited to:
    -Guns (includes air-soft, pellet, and flare)
    -Knives (Kitchen ones are fine)
    -Selling animals
    -Addictive substances (include nicotine-based products, vapes, electronic smoking devices, shishas, etc.)
    -DIARY/FRESH/FOOD/Preserved Food of any kind, this includes meat, vegetables, fruits, etc.
    -Pharmaceutical/Cosmetics/Inappropriate content/Fundraising/
    -Offering any illegal services  

  • Misleading/Invalid information in your ad: Always be clear with the post.
    We trust our users and they do report ads that are misleading, so let's keep things clean.

  • Once you have sold your item, remove it once done, if not we will do so by default.

  • *Criteria of approval:

If the ads are not appropriate as per the policies and by law of the Land then we will not approve the listings.

Below are the basic requirements for approval:

Correct details.

  • Description:
    Please take some time when posting your ad, make sure the description is not one word or just a sentence, the more details you provide the faster you will sell the item.
    Over and above we will moderate listings so if it does not match our requirements expect the listing approval declined.

    Things that will get your ads removed:

    No images, no ads;
    Images complete the ads and allow buyers to make an informed decision, so make sure your images are clear.

    No watermarks;
    This includes company names, mobile phone numbers, online media companies, etc. Unless you are the company with the license to use the image, ads with watermarked images will be removed. However, Graticat watermarks are allowed.


  • Images:
    We advise that you post landscape images, so it's easy for the buyer to see what the item is instead of having to zoom in and out.


  • Collage image;
    A single image is always better and cleaner than a collage image and will increase your chances of selling your product.

    Example: If its a property kindly make sure individual images are uploaded instead of a collage 


  • Why has my ad been deleted from Graticat?
    If the ads do not follow the above-mentioned requirements they will be deleted and you will be notified of why it was deleted.

  • How long does my ad stay on the website?
    Classifieds: 30 days
    Motors > Used Cars : 30 days
    Property for Sale: 60 days
    Property for Rent: 60 days

    Safety Tips:

  • We like our users to be safe at all times so:
    Never give any account details or transfer money without having the item in hand.
    Graticat will never ask for any payments on your behalf from buyers.

  • We are yet to activate this, but the only time you will pay for, is listings, premium listings, and other packages and you'll make those payments ONLY during the listing process.

  • How can you protect yourself?
    Never share your debit/credit card details and delete this SMS, block the sender, and delete any other files that you have downloaded immediately. In any case, most devices have a security setting that, by default, does not allow downloading apps from unauthorized sources.
  • How to report an ad?
    We work hard to keep our website as clean as possible but we are only human so mistakes do happen.
    If you do come across an ad that is fake, misleading, or a scam then please click on contact us (Bottom of the page), fill in the details and send us the link to the ad in the description.

Trust us we are working on making this simpler.