Looking to Buy a Used Car in KSA?

If looking to buy used cars in KSA there are a few basics you need to keep in mind, continue to read to find out what they are.

30. Jan 2023
Looking to Buy a Used Car in KSA?

I for one can confirm that I've fallen victim to the bait and switch. When one buys a used car in KSA, it's very important to keep all these things in mind. The next time you're shopping for a used car, try to remember these five things before buying one.
Try and avoid rushing into buying a car, it's a process that needs to be done properly so you avoid any headaches down the line, but do expect to set a small budget aside for maintenance as old cars do need some TLC.

So here are some basic but important steps before buying a used car in KSA

1: Budget, well it may sound simple but trust me temptations can play foul when searching for a car, my advice is to set a budget with room for a 15% increase, in case you find one you really fancy.

2: Go see the car for yourself, inspect the car in daylight, look for signs of rust or damage, and check the basics like warning signs on the dashboard, windscreen wipers, hinges of the doors, and for any oil spots under the bonnet.

Make sure you ask to see maintenance records (Fahs). If a seller doesn't have the documentation to back up their claims, best walk away.
Also, check the car registration (Istimarah) to make sure the information on the seller's driving license matches

3:Get the Car checked thoroughly by a trusted mechanic, Saudi Arabia's hot climate prevents cars from rusting and their bodies remain shiny and new-looking for a long time. However, the heat damages parts that are less visible, like gaskets, hoses, belts, etc.
Take the car to a mechanic and ask them to check every aspect of the car, for example, the engine, gearbox, AC, etc, this will take a bit of your time so make sure to plan it accordingly.

Here is the location of a mechanic I trust in Riyadh, and do not worry they speak good English if you are not so well-versed in Arabic.
مركز ونستار لصيانه السيارات
050 710 7690

5: Once you have decided to buy the car you like, try to negotiate a little, getting a discount on the car is a wonderful feeling. Once agreed on the price I would advise you to try and stick with a safe method of payment to avoid any fraud or scams, and remember all transfers of the car can be done via Absher so no need to find a dealer to help you with it.;)

Voila, and now that you have a car registered under your name the next step is easy, get a car insurance that works best for you, and off you go!

If looking to sell your used car or buy one visit Graticat.com
Get posting and get selling.


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