About us

Hello. We are Graticat!

A marketplace website, Yes! We are another classified website, but we plan on doing things differently. We know how looking for used items within KSA can be difficult, having to deal with fake ads, no pictures, no contact details etc the list goes on and on...

We understand this, and from this gripe came about Graticat.

Don't ask us what it means yet...as we are in the process of creating one for it.

With the motto of simplicity we have 3 categories for you to search from:

Fancy selling your shoe rack, or laptop perhaps...feel free to post the items you would like to sell or search for items you would like to buy.

A few clicks and might have the vehicle you are looking for, enabling you to buy and sell used or new cars by connecting you to the source. 

It's never easy to find the right place, but we hope you will on Graticat.
Search for properties available to buy, sell or rent

We thank you in advance and would like you to know that this journey has just begun and expect a lot more exciting changes on Graticat.